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Are You Suffering From a Chronic Medical Condition? Are You Noticing That Your Health Is Not What It Once Was? Give Me Just 5 Minutes of Your Time And Let Me Completely Explain How I Can Help…

Have you heard of oil pulling? Probably not, but then again, why would you, it’s the easiest, safest and most effective method of treating and curing most medical conditions today! But it doesn’t generate revenue for medical companies!

But we will get into more detail on that in a second, like I said,
just give me 5 minutes of your time and I will show you how to rid yourself of toxins that cause the majority of medical problems today.

You may be asking, what on earth is Oil Pulling. If you are, let me explain…

Oil Pulling was discovered by world renowned Physician Dr. F. Karach, M.D., while suffering horribly from blood disease. Like millions of Americans and people around the world, he sought out a solution for his pain. He tried everything until he came upon Oil Pulling, a term he coined.

During his study, he realized that oil actually has healing micro-organisms that can treat most medical ailments. Everything from dental disease like gingivitis to digestive diseases.

Oil Pulling is an easy process that only takes 15-20 minutes a day, by which healing organisms in certain oils actually attach and pull toxins from your bloodstream ridding you of the harm that causes most of our medical problems today.

Shhhh…Your Doctor Doesn’t Want You To Know About This….

Let me first tell you that I am not a conspiracy theorist or new age healing promoter. I’m someone that stumbled upon this solution, became skeptical then studied it. I finally used it with unbelievable results. Everyone from my dentist to my family doctor were amazed, or maybe I should say they acted amazed.

The truth is, the medical community knows how effective oil pulling is as an effective solution to heal the body and simply makes you healthy. It gives you better skin, whiter teeth, easier bowel movement and works to aid in relief of more serious conditions from arthritis to sinusitis.

Honestly, there are too many medical ailments that oil pulling cures or helps to list on this page. If you want a complete list of the diseases that oil pulling relieves, CLICK HERE.

I know, You Are Probably Wondering How This Oil Pulling Works, Right?

It is actually so simple, almost too simple, and as a result people have been dismissing it for years. Similar to the way people dismissed the fact that cigarettes caused cancer, yoga could cure back pain and how alcohol had no health benefits. Obviously, over time, many of these facts that were dismissed previously, became common knowledge as facts. Interesting how that happens. 

Oil Pulling will be another one of these examples.

"I Just wish I would have found it sooner!"

"I have been oil pulling for approximately 3 weeks now and not only do I feel more energetic but I can see physical changes as well. My teeth seem much whiter and my eyes feel brighter. I suffer from chronic fatigue and I am pleasantly surprised with this simple technique. I just wish I would have found it sooner!"

~ Susan Migglione, Arizona

 "...5 Days And So Far This Has Worked Better Than Anything Else That I Have Tried."

"It has only been 5 days and so far this has worked better than anything else that I have tried. I feel as if I am sleeping better instead of tossing and turning all night. I have had sleeping issues for quite some time now and was avoiding resorting to prescription medications. I notice I do not toss and turn nearly as much as I used to and I wake up well rested in the morning."

~Dan Fischer, North Carolina

 "Only When You Have To Live With Such Pain Can You Really Appreciate Living A Day Without It."

"The oil pulling method has improved my quality of health a great deal. I have to admit it takes a bit of getting used to (in my case at least). After I got into the swing of it I was amazed why I had really never heard of this before. I used to have severe migraines and ever since I have incorporated this into my daily lifestyle I have not had a single headache. Only when you have to live with such pain can you really appreciate living a day without it."

~ Stephen Grabar, Nevada

The truth is already here, just as it was with those examples, but people are ignoring them due to the simplicity of the solution.

Oil pulling is simply rinsing your mouth with oil, whether you use sunflower oil, sesame, or coconut oil. Because the toxins attach to the oils mucous membrane, you simply spit it out to ensure you do not reintroduce those harmful toxins back into your system.

But I Want To Be Clear: There is the right way to do this and many wrong ways. Oil Pulling Secrets is a result of years of research and actual practice. Not just study.

Let Oil Pulling Secrets Guide You Through The Proper Way to Oil Pull And See Incredible Health Benefits!

Oil Pulling Has More Scientific Evidence That Promotes Health and Cures Disease than many products being sold over the counter or even being prescribed by doctors.

In fact, Dr. Bruce Fife learned about oil pulling and like many people became skeptical. So he set out to dispute oil pulling, in particular, coconut oil. His search began with the idea that oil pulling had no positive health affects at all and he WANTED to prove it. But in fact, he found the exact opposite! Take a minute and check out this video where Dr. Fife actually has to admit that oil pulling actually works!

Science Proves Oil Pulling Works!!

Many people simply won’t believe in a health system, especially one as cost effective and simple as oil pulling without scientific study. You can count me in as one of those people. So consider the following studies on oil pulling health, they will amaze and convince you on their own!

The Journal of Oral Health and Community Dentistry stated, when studying oil pulling that“the interrelationship between oral and general health is proven by evidence. Severe periodontal disease, for example, is associated with diabetes. The strong correlation between several oral diseases and noncommunicable chronic diseases is primarily a result of the common risk factors.(1) Many general disease conditions also have oral manifestations that increase the risk of oral disease which, in turn, is a risk factor for a number of general health conditions.” Read the entire study HERE.

Makes sense, right? Most diseases are contracted by your mouth. That’s why we are taught from a young age to always wash our hands, especially before eating. Oil Pulling ensures that you are removing these harmful bacteria and toxins that cause our medical conditions.

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A similar report was filed by a major research center that stated The results of our study have shown the antibacterial effect of sesame oil on total bacteria. The reduction of total count of bacteria ranged from 10 to 33.4%. The average reduction of total count of bacteria was 20% after 40 days of oil-pulling. Therefore, the sesame oil is found to be effective in reducing bacterial growth and adhesion. Toxins and bacteria from the body might be expelled through the tongue and trapped in the oil and removed from the body.” Read the Entire Study Here.

Think about that. The study found that harmful toxins and bacteria is expelled through the tongue. And the oil traps those harmful toxins allowing you to remove them from your body!

So While Maybe You Haven’t Heard of Oil Pulling, Oil Pull Health and Oil Pull Detox, It Cannot Be Ignored as the Easiest, Most Cost Effective Health Solution in the World!

Don’t let conventional medicine that doesn’t have a cure for the common cold convince you that if it’s easy, readily available and simple, it cannot work! Maybe you have to open up a little bit but the benefits, studies and findings are incredible. And when you think about it logically, it makes sense.

Your body releases and receives toxins through the mouth and tongue. Oil traps these toxins and allows you to simply rinse with it for 20 minutes and spit it out, removing your entire body of horrible toxins that pollute our bodies.

So when you get that nagging cough or terrible headache, it’s because toxins have entered your body and are causing these symptoms. However by doing an oil pull, you can end these symptoms without stepping into a doctor’s office, paying a copay or taking prescription drugs.

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Neil Penn

P.S. Oil Pulling Secrets is NOT available in bookstores. It is only available through this website for instantly download delivery.

P.P.S. You can begin to feel better right away no matter what condition you may have or you can continue to use the same old prescription medications and health practices that simply produce no results.

 "My Teeth Are Whiter, And My Gum Pockets Have Reduced..."

"I had no idea what oil pulling was until I came across your guide. Fortunately I had some Sesame Oil around the house so I got started that same day. It was weird at first however I got used to it. My teeth are whiter, and my gum pockets have reduced according to my last periodontist visit (I had problems with gum disease). Thanks a lot!"

~ Kareem Jones, NJ

 "I Continue To Do It Everyday, And Everyday I Am Getting Better"

"Hey, first and foremost, the e-book is great! I mainly got it because nothing would help my sinus congestion. I recently visited an ENT who performed sinus surgery on me however that did nothing at all, and cost me a lot of money. Within a short time after oil pulling, I began to notice a change which I have never experienced before. I continue to do it everyday, and everyday I am getting better."

~ Allison Park, Trenton, NJ


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